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Explains what are the common failures of the rewinder

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Rewinder is a kind of paper, mica tape, film equipment, its purpose is to paper rolls produced by the paper machine (called raw paper rolls) in turn to rewind, the paper after rewinding to make finished paper factory.

       The paper roll obtained by the paper reel machine is relatively soft, the inside may be damaged or broken, the edges on both sides are not neat, the width of the paper width can not be used directly in the paper processing or printing machine, most of the paper types (newsprint, letterpress printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) need to go through the rewinder cutting edge, slitting, joint, rewinding on the paper core to form the corresponding specifications, the corresponding tightness requirements of the finished paper roll to leave the factory.

1. The winding of the equipment is uneven

    Most of this situation is because the paper core is not suitable, the paper core needs to be removed and replaced within the specified diameter, and the winding roller is used in the winding process, which can also avoid uneven winding of the equipment.
2. Raw material wrinkles
       The key to this is the error of winding tension, adjusting the winding tension suitable for the equipment, applying the pressure roller and wrapping the slitting material in the pressure roller before entering the winding paper core.
3. Meter counting error
       This kind of problem should be the meter wheel two wheels together to touch the feeding glue stick, and on the meter wheel to do a logo hand crank 5 turns for the calculation of 1 meter or to replace the meter wheel.
       The above is the common failure analysis of the rewinder.

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