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Why are paper trays so popular?

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Paper tray products are the mechanical structure of its geometry and the material itself comprehensive formation of cushioning, paper tray can be added according to different packaging product requirements of the strengthening agent, flexible agent, waterproof agent, oil inhibitor, anti-flame agent and other auxiliary additives, to achieve a variety of functions, which is styrofoam, EVA, blister, cardboard and other single physical properties can not do. So why are paper trays so popular? The following Mingfeng packaging small editor to introduce to you.
  Why paper trays are so popular:
  1. The source of paper tray raw materials is extensive, and waste paper, including board paper, waste paper box paper, waste white edge paper, etc. can be used.
  2, its production process is harmless to the environment; it can be recycled and recycled.
   3. The volume is smaller than that of foamed plastic, which can be overlapped and placed for convenient transportation.
  4, pulp molding products, in addition to lunch boxes, tableware, more industrial buffer packaging, can be used as eggs, fruits, precision devices, fragile glass, ceramic products, handicrafts and other packaging pads, has a good cushion protection performance.
 5. The rapid development of the economy, in the beginning of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" development plan, provided a development opportunity for the paper tray packaging industry.

6, with the advantages of enterprises such as cigarettes, alcohol, food, medicine, small household appliances, cosmetics and other market share is getting bigger and bigger, the need for beautiful color packaging, led to the growth of the paper tray factory.

7. The continuous improvement of paper tray printing process technology also requires the corresponding improvement of packaging technology level.

8. With the improvement of people's material living standards and the enhancement of aesthetic awareness, people also pay more and more attention to Zhongshan paper tray packaging.

9. In order to improve the value and added value of their own products, customers also require the improvement of the level of Zhongshan paper tray packaging.

The above content is an introduction to why paper trays are so popular, paper trays have good antistatic properties, paper trays can be completely degraded, easy to recycle. Environmentally friendly paper trays are very popular today, because they are more in line with China's energy conservation and emission reduction policies. With the continuous advancement of pulp molding technology, the use of styrofoam, EVA, blister, cardboard for lined packaging can basically be replaced by paper trays.

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